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VIDEO: First Look at Boggs, Leegs, and Others on Mockingjay Set

Check out this video of our Star Squad 451 on the set of Mockingjay in Paris! Boggs is finally making an appearance, and is that our Leeg 1 and 2 I see walking in line with the rest of the squad?

Another thing I have been noticing from all these set photos/videos is how amazing the architecture is at all these filming locations. Very Capitol-esque! What are your thoughts on the Mockingjay set? Leave a comment below!

Thanks to Ga Li  on YouTube for the upload!

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From New Jersey, Grant enjoys eating food and obsessing over The Hunger Games. Grant also likes going to NYC and the beach in the summer. Unlike everyone else, Grant has no degrees in anything because he hasn't even graduated high school yet... *sigh*

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