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VIDEO: Death Scenes And Injuries As ‘Mockingjay’ Continues Filming In Noisy-le-Grand

Mockingjay Filming in Noisy le Grand

Residents of an apartment complex in Noisy-le-Grand are still getting a free show as filming for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay continues filming crucial scenes from the Capitol in the final film. Several new videos have surfaced on Instagram showing a particular death scene (SPOILERS BELOW) and giving us tributes a better look behind the scenes. (photo credit above to @draash on Instagram)

The above video showed Boggs and two other Star Squad members venturing out into the open in the circular grassy area before a crew member yells “BOOM!” to signify the bomb going off. The two in front fall and you can hear Michelle Forbes (Jackson) yelling as she and Katniss and Gale run out to help Boggs.

In the above video, you can clearly see the “blue screen boots” that Mahershala Ali is wearing, which tells us his legs will definitely get blown off in the film. You can also see that one of the front soldiers is a Leeg sister, who is helped up and carried away by another squad member and her sister.

And in this video, we get an idea of what it’s like down at Noisy le Grand, with a crowd of fans lining a barrier and shrieking at the sight of Josh and Liam arriving on set.

One last screaming video with Jennifer arriving on set and waving to fans.

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