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VIDEO: More Boggs, Plus Hijacked Peeta Filmed Today

Warning: the following videos contain EXTREME spoilers. Do not watch if you want to preserve your viewing of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.

Shooting of Boggs’ death continued in Noisy-le-Grand today as Storm Shadow Crew posted more video, this time of the crew shooting Boggs’ death scene in tighter frames. If you watch the video, you see Boggs fall, then Homes, Katniss, and Gale run in. Katniss searches around for the holo and brings it to Boggs, who then begins to transfer ownership to Katniss.

With camera crews pointing at Mahershala Ali, this is clearly for shots of Boggs as he’s dying.

This next video shows them filming the same scene, but with the focus on Katniss and Gale. This time the holo falls in a different place. At the end of the scene, the rest of Star Squad 451 comes peeling out of the corridor, with Jackson coming out last.

The last video is a behind the scenes video has something some of you have probably seen in images today: Jennifer Lawrence has a butt duster. Someone get that guy some kind of award for most hilarious/envied job in the world!

The most spoilery bits of all come in the form of Peeta, who was photographed attacking Katniss in scenes shot earlier today.

There are also photos of who we think is Mitchell trying to hold Peeta back, but an IMDB listing says that Mitchell is being played by Joe Chrest and I’m not sure what you guys think, but that doesn’t look like him. Any idea who that is?

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