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Set Pictures from Paris: Hijacked!Peeta, and Someone Important Getting Shot

While Lionsgate has now finally given us a look into the District 13 side of Mockingjay, we can’t forget that filming is still happening in Paris for the Capitol scenes!

UK newspaper The Daily Mail posted a series of pictures from today’s shoot at Noisy-le-Grand, and while we can’t post them here directly because of copyright issues, nothing stops us from discussing what might be going on, right? I should give fair warning: they are VERY spoilery. No, really: MASSIVE spoilers. If you don’t want to know what happens in the climax of the second movie (or if you don’t want to be assaulted by Peeta FEELS), I highly recommend you stay away from the following link.

Anyone still with me? Well, then. To see the pictures, just follow this link to The Daily Mail.

In these shots, we can see Katniss on the ground, with her bow out of her grasp, and one in particular gives us a very clear picture of Peeta about to savagely hit her with the butt of a rifle. Clearly they were filming the scene where Peeta has an episode and attempts to kill Katniss. Given that we’ve already seen Peeta being held back by a Squad 451 member we assume to be Mitchell (seemingly played by Joe Chrest), it makes sense that they’re still filming the same scene, or the aftermath of it. We can see Finnick holding Peeta back as Gale gets Katniss away, and the rest of the Squad (minus Boggs and Mitchell– which is curious because both the Leeg twins seem to still be there) gets the hell out of dodge.

One particularly curious thing is that the Daily Mail reports that during the filming, Jennifer Lawrence was miming getting shot. There’s even a picture of it, although of course without seeing the actual bullet and blood we can’t say that’s what’s happening for certain. We know Katniss does get shot at one point in the book, but it doesn’t happen in the Capitol, but in District 2 instead. Is this another instance of the movies seemingly shifting events around?

Thankfully not everything was drama in Paris today, as we can also see pictures of Jennifer goofing off with an umbrella during downtime. Surely keeping up your sense of humor in-between takes is essential for filming such intense scenes. But mostly, we’re just curious as to how and in what order all these scenes will be strung together!

Tell us what you think of all of these shots. Do you think Katniss will get shot in the Capitol, rather than in District 2? Has the script shifted some of the characters’ deaths around? Are you already crying just at the mere thought of hijacked!Peeta? Feel free to express all your feelings in a comment below. And be sure to tell us if there’s any little details we missed from the pics! They do say two pairs of eyes are better than one. 🙂

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