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When first launched, our superstar staff of 16 made an agreement to not comment on how we’d come to be unless people asked us behind the scenes and I believe we were able to achieve that, no matter how hard it may have felt to hold our tongues. There was a lot of intense drama, but we strove forward with the creation of the site, intending to leave all of it behind us.

However, it’s come to our attention that, the site that many of the Jabberjays staff helped build to where it is today, has accused us of certain things, including stealing an Instagram account and sending out emails pretending to be

These are moderately serious allegations, and while some truth lies in them, as with many things, there are two sides to every story. We don’t believe that the staff deserves to have a black and white opinion formed about it when the truth lies in a gray area. While we would ideally prefer to leave such drama off our site completely, we’d like to offer this explanation and consider the matter closed.

Back in February, a total of 12 staffers out of 16 at ended up at, a site that would be starting nearly from scratch. We slaved over the creation of the many moving parts of the site for an intense period of five days, launching officially on March 1, 2014.

The Instagram account @Jabberjaysnet was indeed the old @Mockingjaynet account. However, I do want to clarify that the account was started by myself; it was under my email address, and I delegated access to it to certain staffers of my choosing, including staffer Tiffany Glass and our designated Instagram staffer Hannah Chong. The account has remained in my control since its creation.

You may have heard from the management of that they are attempting to get the account back, but I’m not sure the owner of the site ever used the Instagram account at all, or even bothered to ask for the password to it.

We do, however, acknowledge that photos belonging to Tiffany are her own and will be removing them from our Instagram account. As people who use Instagram may be aware, the original photo remains on the phone that originally posted it, therefore the photos remain with Tiffany.

Regarding the mailing list, the MailChimp account that first collected these email addresses still exists for We simply exported the list we’d built and started a new account for I was never asked for the password for’s mailing list, which is yet another account I created on my own. All newsletters were composed, edited, and sent out by myself, Erin, and Luan. sent out one email to the list when we first opened the site, informing people about our coming launch. We did not pose ourselves as We never have and we never intend to. People are free to unsubscribe to the newsletter at any time.

It’s been almost three months since launched and we are still happy to be doing what we do, but drama like this brings us all down and none of us appreciates it. We hope this explanation of certain aspects of this site will give our readers some peace of mind.

Those of you that wish to have a more in-depth explanation are welcome to inquire via email. We truly appreciate all the support we’ve received in our first few months and hope to get to know more and more of you as Mockingjay Part 1 approaches.

For those of you new to our site, here are some of the things you’ll find at

  • Comprehensive news coverage of the film, cast, and crew of The Hunger Games
  • New Hunger Games podcast JabberCast, which just released its third episode
  • A chapter by chapter breakdown of Mockingjay book to movie predictions called Through the Pages
  • Fun weekly polls
  • Active comment interaction from the staff
  • Media gallery
  • Our newsletter called The District Debriefing, for those of you who are casual Hunger Games fans

We hope you’ll support our mutual love for The Hunger Games!

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