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VIDEOS: Jennifer Lawrence on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Good Morning America

One of the joys of having a Jennifer Lawrence movie come out soon is that we get to see Jennifer Lawrence promote the movie on the talk show circle, and hilarity ensues. Jen’s movie X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in theaters all over the world this weekend, and she’s been doing the media rounds. Here’s a few of her appearances.

Her visit to Late Night with Seth Meyers aired just last night, and here are the two parts to her interview. In the first part she talks about her experience at the Oscars this year (including being caught puking on someone’s porch by Miley Cyrus!), and in the second part she talks about being a Harry Potter fangirl (which we can all absolutely sympathize with, I’m sure!) and her two older brothers. You can watch the¬†videos¬†below– you’ll be laughing from beginning to end, I promise!

She was also on Good Morning America this morning, and thanks to our friends at Panem Propaganda, we have the video here for you. She talked a little about her X-Men character Mystique and what her conflict is in this movie, as well as how weird it still feels to her to be on GMA as a guest rather than as a fan looking in from outside the studio.

Will you be watching X-Men: Days of Future Past this weekend? Tell us how much you laughed with these videos in a comment!

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