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‘Mockingjay’ Set Photos From Berlin Confirm District 2 Filming At Tempelhof

Thanks to a reader in Berlin, we have some photos from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay set out at Tempelhof Airport where filming is rumored to start very soon. The photos include trucks and trailers likely a part of base camp, but also include shots of what are very clearly from The Hunger Games.


Military props, perhaps? Remember that Katniss gets shot in District 2 trying to convince the people of District 2 to surrender peacefully, but with rumors that Katniss actually gets shot in the Capitol, who knows what new events will happen in District 2 in the film.


A better shot at the rubble that appears to block the entrance to District Two.

The timeline for these shoots has continued to baffle us, as I think a lot of us assumed District 2 would be in Part 1 along with District 8.

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