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IndieGoGo Campaign Launched For Finnick Odair Fan Film

The folks over at Joshua Chislett Films have launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for their fan film Finnick Odair: A Hunger Games Story, which is set during the 65th Annual Hunger Games, when Finnick is sent into the arena for the first time and becomes the youngest tribute to win The Hunger Games at the age of 14.


Enter the world of The Hunger Games as we follow 14 year old Finnick Odair through the dangerous arena of The 65th Annual Hunger Games.

A week has passed and it’s down to the final five Tributes. Meet new characters like Finnick’s ally, Adela, from District 6 who has made it into the Career group alongside District 1 and 2.

The Capitol has designed an arena for this year which is a circular island with waters that surround the dangerous forests in the center.

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