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Sam Claflin On Love, Jennifer Lawrence, And A Fear Of The Ocean


In a new interview with Your Tango, Sam Claflin talked about his romantic side, what he thinks of Jennifer Lawrence, and a rather amusing fear of his considering he plays Finnick Odair from District 4!

YourTango: What is your personal monster?
Sam Claflin: 
I think the thing I’m most scared of is the unknown. The ocean is something that really freaks me out. Two thirds of the world is water and so much hasn’t been explored. A jellyfish stung me when I was younger, so scary water still resonates. I’m constantly uneasy and panicking even if I’m on a boat.

YourTango: Let’s talk about Finnick in The Hunger Games. How are the last two sequels going these days? What can we expect?
Sam Claflin:
 We’re halfway done filming, so there is light at the end of the tunnel. It doesn’t feel like a big franchise movie, but more of an intimate piece for me.

YourTango: Did it hurt your feelings at first when fans didn’t react well to your casting as Finnick? Then the movie came out and they loved you.
Sam Claflin:
 There was a fair bit of negative reaction when I was cast. I embraced that as a challenge. It seems to have gone down okay. I remember reading a blog with a list of names that should be playing Finnick. In 500 posts, my name wasn’t one of them. So it was very scary stepping into those shoes.

YourTango: What have you learned about Finnick with the last two films?
Sam Claflin:
 When we saw him in the last movie, he was in a very dark place. For me, it was a great opportunity to start him at the bottom and then build up his strength and confidence. That’s an incredible journey.

YourTango: What’s it like to work with Jennifer Lawrence?
Sam Claflin:
 Finnick has been the scariest character for me because there was a lot of pressure on my shoulders. You meet Jennifer Lawrence and she’s such a nice girl. I’m thinking I need to be really cool. So I’m trying to think of a really good joke and be ready for action. Jennifer, she could literally be telling you a joke and then switch on the tears for a scene. Me? I need to be quiet and then come the tears.

Via HG Girl on Fire

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