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Has Lionsgate Been Showing ‘Mockingjay’ Propos Since 2011?


A lot of people have been feeling a lot of animosity towards Lionsgate (some of us outright rage) since it’s almost mid-June and we still have no teaser trailer, but here’s something that might just be cool enough to make you think, wow, someone at the studio really knows their stuff.

Here at, we’ve been doing Through the Pages, which is a chapter by chapter dissection of Mockingjay, to predict what we think will happen chapter by chapter in the movies. We just finished Chapter 7, when Katniss takes down the hovercrafts in District 8 and then records her impromptu propo after Cressida tells her that Snow aired the bombing of 8 live across Panem. This is when Katniss coins the phrase, “If we burn, you burn with us!”

In a rare instance of being prepared (since Through the Pages has become like homework everyone puts off here at, I read ahead to Chapter 8 and found something interesting.

In this next chapter, Katniss gets to see the results of her filming, which Cressida and her crew have cut together while she recovered from her bombing injuries in the hospital. The first propo begins airing while she’s in the hospital and they show it to her in Command.

At first, my screen is black. Then a tiny spark flickers in the center. It blossoms, spreads, silently eating up the blackness until the entire frame is ablaze with a fire so real and intense, I imagine I feel the heat emanating from it. The image of my mockingjay pin emerges, glowing red-gold.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

That’s because from all the way back in July 2011, when Yahoo! Movies revealed the very first motion poster for The Hunger Games, that’s exactly what we saw. And that’s exactly what they’ve been showing us in every motion poster since.


While no doubt some of you noticed this long ago, we aren’t quite that observant, so we think that’s pretty freaking cool.

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