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The Capitol To Celebrate District Heroes Tomorrow


Looks like we’re finally seeing some movement from Lionsgate, tributes! This morning, the official The Hunger Games Twitter account announced that tomorrow TheCapitol.PN will begin saluting “District Heroes”. Last Friday, the Capitol site changed to a splash page instructing citizens of Panem to stand by for further declarations.

While this could just be straightforward marketing, we’re hoping that it’s actually something much more elaborate, so let’s speculate!

One of our readers, @kelliwise, tweeted us yesterday pointing out some new rules by theaters that affects movies with release dates after October 2014, saying that they cannot show trailers in theaters until 150 days before the film’s release. As you can see from our counter in our sidebar, we’re just under 156 days, putting us just over six days from the 150 day mark, which would put the date for a trailer appearing in theaters at next Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest, which is when Transformers 4 would begin showing.

Which leads us to hope that this week we’ll get the online debut of the trailer.

But what’s with this District Heroes stuff? Who is the Capitol saluting exactly?

It’d be pretty amazing if we end up seeing Peeta Mellark being saluted by Caesar Flickerman as a district hero, then the teaser trailer cuts in courtesy of Beetee.


What do you all think is coming tomorrow?

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