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TheCapitol.PN Revamps Site, Requires Registration For Capitol TV


In a disturbing turn of events, TheCapitol.PN has completed revamped the site to showcase their “District Heroes,” which are clearly just Capitol citizens dolled “down” to look like they actually come from the districts of Panem. Included in these shameful pieces of propaganda are statements such as:

Work as one to become shining examples of greatness we know this country is capable of producing.

Embrace the sweat on your brow and the sores on your fingers. Allow the soot to settle along your feet.

Panem lives to serve its people, but in return each District must live to serve its duty.

We in the Capitol strive to create a secure, harmonious environment, and your infinite contributions enable us to make that goal a reality.

Every fish you spear, every knot you tie, and every ocean swell you conquer further helps maintain the steady current of our elegant system, and strengthens the bond between Panem and its people.

Take this loyalty and help us keep every seed in its rightful place. Help us plow through any obstacle that comes our way.

It is your duty as a citizen of Panem to protect the system we have worked tirelessly to conceive.

In addition to this spotlight on “fake” heroes, the Capitol is requiring that you register for Capitol TV.


As rebels, it may seem traitorous to do as they say, but we must keep tabs on what the Capitol is doing, so don’t forget to register!

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