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VIDEO: Replay Of ‘The Shoe’ Google Hangout With Jena Malone And Lem Jay Ignacio

If you missed The Shoe’s Google Hangout this morning with Jena Malone and Lem Jay Ignacio, you can watch the replay above! Jena and Lem talked with fans for over an hour, answering questions about their music, themselves, and their upcoming plans.

Jena even answered our question, which was, “Have you two thought about doing a song for either of the Mockingjay movie soundtracks? (not sure how getting on a soundtrack works)”

Jena’s answer: “I have thought about it and I actually would love to, so I’ve actually talked to them. I’m like, “So you guys… what do you think about…?” No, but I love what they do. I think that the Catching Fire soundtrack was so beautiful and that score was just so unique. I think any band or artist would be interested to work with them because it’s such a haunting, beautiful story to get to add songs to. It could be fun!”

(You can hear her answer this question at the 27:00 mark.)

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