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Rebel Reaction: The Staff Talk Beetee’s Capitol TV Interruption


The rebellion is only just beginning, tributes, and today we saw the very first hint as to what’s to come when former District 3 Victor Beetee interrupted the Capitol TV transmission of President Snow’s latest address to all Panem citizens, titled “Unity.”

Rebels and sympathizers all across the nation (and even overseas!) are cheering for this major breakthrough, and the staff is no exception! Read on below to see what we thought of the full video clip, and be sure to tell us in a comment if you agree with our reactions. 🙂


So apparently Lionsgate likes to listen to our podcasts or either our guesses are pretty spot-on. All of us were hoping for a rebel interruption to be the next big release in promotion for MJ. One thing I will say is it still doesn’t settle right with me to call this ‘Teaser Trailer 2.’ It is still a promo. But nonetheless I was really surprised to see Johanna Mason standing there so regally. Part of me was waiting for her to wallop President Snow upside the head, which I might like even better than Beetee’s hijacking.

One thing surprised me. I assumed President Snow and especially Peeta and Johanna would show some sign of panic that the television lines were being hacked. So I guess they can’t tell what is going on. I would have liked to see a masked panic as they try to keep a straight face during the President’s broadcast to Panem.

So far as the interruption it seemed a little trippy rather than technological, but I liked that the audio came through first. That made me feel confused just like any Capitol citizen watching at home would be. Of course as usual I wished they could have flashed a picture of Katniss on the screen. I mean saying “The Mockingjay lives,” is great and all, but flash a picture up there of her face and make our hearts stop!

I’m excited to see the advertising going in the direction so many of us fans were hoping they would go. #Rebelsforthewin


I was at a friend’s house when this new teaser trailer was released (although I, too, hate to call it a trailer–brilliant promo, but it’s still not a trailer to me). Instead of watching the video on my phone, I convinced him to let me watch it on the 150″ projector in the basement. The surround sound nearly blew me away just with the “Capitol TV” announcement in the beginning, and now I wish more than anything that I would have seen the first one on the big screen instead of on my computer. Because while the last one was beautiful and creepy, it didn’t awe me as much as I feel it should have. This teaser, however, was what I’ve been waiting for. I wanted a D13 interruption, I didn’t think we’d get to see Katniss, but Beetee was a great choice. And I was surprised to see Johanna–thrilled, and hopeful that her role will be larger in the movies than it was in the book. Peetee looks so passive, even with his slow, slight shakes of his head, but Johanna looks pissed, you can just see the anger and hatred simmering below the surface as she forces herself to behave.


I set my alarm for 5 AM this morning, but like a dope I thought, eh, I can sleep half an hour more. We were supposed to do an Airtime Assault for this, but by the time I’d dragged my butt out of bed and sat down at my computer, Carla was saying it was already up. In a frenzy of morning-brain, I watched it without waiting and my jaw dropped when Beetee said, “The Mockingjay Lives!” I had just watched The Hobbit with my kids and so the whole “Frodo Lives!” thing was on my brain a couple weeks back when I used that in a hashtag.

Later, I read about Peeta’s head shaking from side to side and I went back to watch it and wanted to curl in a ball and die. I can’t even begin to say how much I admire how they’re tackling the Mockingjay marketing. It’s SO exciting to see parts of the movie pouring out almost in real-book-time. My first reaction to the Peacekeepers was that they were there for Johanna Mason, specifically to keep her in line. And even then she manages to put in her own bit of rebellion with her hand on her hip and an exasperated sigh! And to think I thought Johanna couldn’t be made to be in a Capitol propo!

I love to think that she smirks her way back to her cell after hearing what Beetee did. 🙂


Let me just set the scene… It’s 2am, it’s slowly becoming more and more winter-like in Australia so I’m kind of cold and snuggled in bed, and my room’s pitch black except for my iPad screen. I was actually afraid that I would be asleep when it came out, but I got lucky.

To be honest, up until this most recent promo, I was a bit peeved that we hadn’t seen any actual film footage. I mean, I understood why, and I think the way they’re going with their marketing is brilliant, but for me, nothing beats a good trailer. Then I watched this most recent teaser. I have a huge soft spot for Johanna – especially Jena Malone as Johanna – so seeing Johanna next to President Snow broke my heart. I’d already had the chance to get used to the idea that Peeta was in the Capitol, but I didn’t expect to see Johanna so soon. I do admit I had a bit of a, “Wait. Who the heck is that?” moment as the camera was slowly zooming in, purely because Johanna’s hair was blonde (which breaks my heart – they’re covering up her shaved head). But as soon as that hand went on that damn hip, I knew. And I wanted to cry.

I’ve been waiting so patiently for an airtime assault from Beetee. I’d hoped that it would happen in the first one, but when it didn’t, it just set me on edge waiting for the next one. When Beetee started hacking in, the hairs on my arms stood up and I got chills. Keep in mind that I’m known to get super paranoid at night and that I was watching this in the dark… Yeah, you could say I even got a little scared. I genuinely felt like a confused citizen of Panem who was only expecting to watch another address from Snow. As soon as the words, “The Mockingjay lives” were spoken, I let out a weird sound that can only be described as a mix between a cackle of excitement (KATNISSSSSSSSSSS) and a choked cry of pain.

Like everyone, I am looking forward to seeing Katniss with the rebels and as the mockingjay. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. The rebels have to know that showing Panem footage that Katniss is alive and well and taking part of the rebellion will have a huge impact, so of course they’re going to wait for the right moment. Simply telling everyone “The Mockingjay lives” is pure genius because it creates suspense and hope. Like many of the rebelling districts, I wait in anticipation for Lionsgate’s/the rebellion’s next move. If the next address shows Katniss, I’ll be happy, but if it doesn’t, I think I’ll be even happier. Because when they finally do drop footage of the Mockingjay, everything will melt down and it’ll be glorious.


My honest-to-goodness reaction? I screamed. I screamed a lot. I’M STILL SCREAMING. I gave myself a day before I wrote this up so I could “process” but to be frank, I don’t think I’m every going to process this teaser. This is everything I wanted from a second teaser, and then some. And it’s a SECOND TEASER. A continuation of the first teaser. Like, with continuity. Which other movie out there has ever done that?! We’re witnessing something completely new in movie marketing, my friends. And it is excellent.

Now, as for the content of the video itself… before I noticed anything else, I noticed the Peacekeepers. And it struck me as such a Star Wars visual that it immediately gave me chills. Straight away, you knew that the tone of this one is different: where in the first address Snow was going for an “appeal to their sensitivities” approach and only a very subtle threat level under it, this one was clearly meant to intimidate and that implies so much of what must be going behind the scenes: something’s happening that’s making Snow change his tune. Something big.

Then there’s Peeta and Johanna. Peeta I was expecting, but he’s clearly not given the same “golden boy” spotlight he had in the first address, and he uses the fact that he’s no longer front and center to let slip hints that he’s not really backing what Snow is saying. There’s an edge of desperation in his eyes that just screams “don’t believe him! He’s lying!” and the way he subtly shifts his head — I’m not sure if he’s actually shaking his head or if he’s just uncomfortable with his collar, but either way it works perfectly to show that not everything is fine and dandy as the Capitol would have us believe. And Johanna, well Johanna just looks freaking pissed. She makes no attempt to hide that she doesn’t want to be there, and she even shifts a little in her stance like she’s itching to kick someone, and that is Johanna Mason down to her very essence: fighting, in her own way, even in captivity. My heart breaks for the two of them. Can I give them a hug? (I feel like Johanna would punch me if I try that).

But the clincher for me was Beetee’s interruption. We all had a good idea that something like that was coming, and I saw comments about it on Twitter before I actually watched the video, and yet it still made me scream like a maniac. The way they made it seem like it was happening in real time. The message: short and to the point, because they know their time is limited. I know we all wanted to finally see Katniss, but they couldn’t have a full propo here, not in their first “interruption attempt.” What they needed was to get the voice out there, get the rumors spreading through the districts: District 13 is alive, they’re fighting back against the Capitol, and Katniss is alive and supporting their cause. All of that in one small, succint message. It felt like it was actually happening live, and it gave me chills. Not to mention, if they start using “the Mockingjay lives” as a tagline for the posters and such, I will be much, MUCH happier than I was with the first tagline we got for the movie. Now THIS is a line I can rally behind. It’s more than just catchy, it comes across almost like a battlecry, and it blows my mind that we actually used it in our social media before this address came out. How is that for awesome?!

I still hope we get an actual trailer at Comic Con, preferably with a glimpse at Coin because I really, really want to see her. But as far as I’m concerned, these two teasers have been genius, and I hope we see more of this “live” battle between the Capitol and the rebels brought to our homes.


All I can say is “Wow!” This teaser gave me chills from start to finish. The beautiful, yet creepy opening shot of Snow, Peeta, and Johanna surrounded by Peacekeepers blew me way. I still can’t get over Johanna wearing a scarf, (wig?) because I honestly never thought that they would have the Capitol shave her head in the movie. It was such a nice touch. I also love the whole District 13 interference. How the broadcast gets warped is exactly like how I imagined it while reading the book. I cannot wait to see what more Lionsgate has in store for us in the next few weeks!!


As usual: “Give the damn Lionsgate marketing a prize for this!”


Living in Australia is both a good and a bad thing when these come out – bad because you miss the initial hype because you’re not awake when it releases, but good because boy is it something epic to wake up to! I felt that this one hit the mark much more with me than the first one in terms of my excitement levels (though I did enjoy that as the beginnings); it was more absurdist by the Capitol (control is slipping!) and finally we got what we’d all been waiting for, that rebel interruption! I thought Beetee’s limited interruption was just perfect too, because the rebels don’t really gain any proper control over the broadcast in the Capitol until the latter half of the book, so I’m hoping it is the same in terms of the promotion for Parts 1 and 2.

Then there’s the content itself – the juxtaposition of the theme of unity and the mob of Peacekeepers on either side is fantastic. My eyes were instantly drawn to Johanna and everything about her was just so perfect, as she also embodies the symbolism of the Mockingjay in terms of being someone that the Capitol, try as they might, cannot control. Her hand movement as Snow talks about speaking with “one voice” is such a brilliant touch, as is the shift of her feet and her fixed expression. As Erin noted I hope this means that we get to see more of Johanna on screen than we did in the book. I also found the use of the wig/hairpiece on Johanna so creepily Capitol as well, coupled with the white suits and background they are attempting to portray the “good” and “pure” angle with these model citizens and to me that’s what makes these clips so absurd. And then Peeta manages a subtle head shake this time around and you just know that he is still in there somewhere, which just breaks my heart even more – how are we to cope with more of this, let alone the movie itself?

Like the others though I got most excited by Beetee’s interruption, and I got absolute chills when he managed to get out the line “the mockingjay lives”. Whilst I’m pining to see Katniss I can understand the angle of having her hidden away thus far as it builds the suspense for her reveal even more. The flickering in and out as they struggled to get momentary control made it feel like it was very much happening in real time, although I would have liked to see a flicker of expression change from Snow. They are probably saving his reaction for the film, which excites me even more.

I’m really looking forward to the remainder of these teasers, as after ‘Unity’ we at least have ‘Prosperity’ and ‘Sacrifice’ to go. Although given San Diego Comic Con is now just two weeks away I am hopeful that they will show some movie footage there!


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