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District 13 Launches Mobile Website, Encourages Web Syncing

d13.png “Today we assemble, tomorrow we will rise!” That was yesterday, and today District 13 has officially risen from the ashes of the Capitol’s lies over the last 75 years to launch their website . The rebels began their assault earlier this week by first gaining control of Capitol social media accounts, changing the official logos to that of D13 (shown above). Beetee sent out a Twitter transmission instructing rebels to “hunt and peck” at the “fist, grain, and shield.” Typing “OLTM” at the One Panem page on TheCapitol.PN led to a mockingjay symbol and the word ASCEND. Today, rebels are being encouraged to sync to the newly launched site. (Nice touch, President!) Head to the site and you’ll find a QR code. QR-Code Scan the QR code with your phone to head over to Once there, you’ll be asked to connect to the D13 mainframe with Facebook or Twitter. District13-Site1 Once you connect, you’ll see a D13 logo. District13-Site2 After it loads, you’ll be instructed to go to TheCapitol.PN and enter the Session ID at the top. District13-Site3 Once you sync with your Capitol session, the Capitol site will actually change to the black D13 background and this message: TMJL Anyway, back to the mobile site. Here’s where it gets creepy. You have to hold down your finger to pass some scan to enter their site! (Likely not real, but let’s pretend it is!) District13-Site5 After you do that, you’ll be taken to the District 13 site, which lists 5 hacks to unlock. The goal here is to “reveal your District 13 Citizens.” District13-Site4

Press “Reveal D13 Citizens” and you’ll be taken to an image with an IP address.

mj_d13_COIN_192.237.133.72 We’re assuming this is the backdrop for rebel character posters. Updates to come as we get them! Thanks to @PanemsDistricts for the heads up! Note: People on iPhones are apparently unable to get this to work.

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