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Hunger Games Billboards Spotted With Rebel Graffiti


Thanks to, we can take a look at a billboard that was spotted in an unknown location (we’re going to guess California). The billboard shows the infamous “Tire Pants Man” from District 6, one of the District Heroes profiled by the Capitol. On the front you can see a bit of red paint graffiti with the mockingjay.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, Lionsgate is doing exactly what we said they should with the graffiti, but the choice of a District Hero for the billboard with a rather small mockingjay (that’s crooked to boot) seems a little off the mark. Would anyone looking at it understand what it is? Would a Hunger Games fan that doesn’t follow the whole online campaign get it?

When we’d said graffiti was definitely the way to go, I think most of us were envisioning it on President Snow posters like the one tweeted last week by the official Twitter. That one was seriously cool. This one? Not so much. No offense to Tire Pants Man, but at least people know who Donald Sutherland is.

What are your thoughts?

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