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First District 13 Hack Unlocked, Reveals Cressida’s Secret Capitol File

In addition to the new District 13 posters, Lionsgate has unlocked the first District 13 hack at Visit the site on your mobile device and log in with your session ID from TheCapitol.PN. (you will need BOTH your mobile and desktop for this)

2014-08-27 17.40.38

Select the Hack 01 and you’ll be taken to an instructions screen. Hit “initiate” and the “game” will begin. You need to tilt your device, keeping the green line in the left and right sections.

2014-08-27 17.41.14

It’s important to note that you should keep TheCapitol.PN site up on your screen while you’re doing this, as it will mark your progress in the hack.


If you go out of the area, the outer parts of the circle will turn red and your progress will go down.

2014-08-27 17.41.21

Once you’ve completed the hack, it’ll tell you that you’ve unlocked Cressida’s file. Not sure where it is? It’s on your desktop screen at TheCapitol.PN. Yes, I admit I was getting incredibly frustrating looking all over for it. 🙂

2014-08-27 17.41.50


Cressida’s file originally will say SLANDERER, but will change to VISIONARY.



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