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Join the Jabberjays For A Trailer Viewing Hangout With Airtime Assault #2


We’re less than two days away from the worldwide premiere of the trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, and the staff of will be hosting a Google Hangout to watch the trailer. While there is no confirmed time for the trailer’s debut, we’re running on the assumption that the trailer will be released at the typical release time of 9 AM PST. Our Airtime Assault #2 will start half an hour before at 8:30 AM PST to give us time to prepare ourselves and talk about what we’re hoping to see. Then in the final minutes leading up to 9 AM, we can all Shift+Refresh together until one of us confirm-shrieks that it has arrived.

Go to our event on our Google+ page and let us know if you’ll be joining us!

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