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Fandom Highlight: Jabberjays’ Favorite Fan-Made ‘Mockingjay’ Posters

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We’ve finally got our official front-facing Katniss poster for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and we’re very happy we have, but fans will be fans, and two Katniss posters is just not enough for us. We want more! 😉

The Hunger Games fandom has always been incredibly talented when it comes to making edits and graphics, like the one you see above by animakerma (you can see more of AK’s fantastic Mockingjay edits on Tumblr), but some of the best edits out there are those that are made to look like movie posters. As the official marketing for the movie rolled out, we got to see more and more of those, and even now that we have official posters, we still love them. So we decided to give our talented fandom a shout-out and post some of our favorites here.

This one has been around for a while, but we still love it to death. Kim-beurre-lait is one amazing artist and apart from this edit of Katniss, she also created character posters for Gale and Finnick. You can see these and more over at her Tumblr.

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Mockingjalie also has some incredible Mockingjay edits on her Tumblr, including these two Katniss character posters:

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When the Rebel character posters were released, the fans took it upon themselves to give Katniss and Peeta their own, and both of them are really good! The Peeta poster was made by tigriss92, who also has a ton of really cool Mockingjay screencap edits on her Tumblr. We’re not sure where the Katniss poster comes from, but if you are or know who is the person who made it, let us know and we’ll give credit!

Maker unknown! Please let us know if you know the source.
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And of course, once the official Katniss posters were released, several variations of them popped up online straight away. This animated version by secretsnsugarcubes is really awesome (just click on it to see it move!). You can visit her Tumblr to see more of her Mockingjay edits and animated gifs.

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One thing I found really funny about this recent onslaught of fan-made posters is that a lot of them seemed to be inspired by the Star Trek: Into Darkness poster, such as these three you can see below. The first one was made by amyisalittledecoy on DeviantArt, the second one by @dannygracia17 on Twitter, and the last one by No Winners, Only Survivors on Facebook.

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Point of fact, that last one by NWOS looks so real that it actually had our staffers going for a minute there, thinking that it was official, especially after @hijackedglader on Twitter used it for this billboard edit:

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But Star Trek doesn’t get credit for being the sole source of inspiration for fan-made posters, as The Dark Knight Rises inspired just as many, if not more. One particularly awesome sample is this poster by @Fede88 on Twitter:

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And of course, we can’t leave out the now viral #Batniss posters from our friends at

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How awesome are all of these edits? Kind of makes you excited to see what the fans will come up with for Mockingjay Part 2, doesn’t it? Well, you won’t have to wait long at all, as the second wave of poster edits has already started. Check out these amazing Part 2 posters by amyisalittledecoy and tributedesign on DeviantArt:

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How do you like these? Do you have a favorite poster edit we didn’t include here? Tell us in a comment! We’d love to feature more of this type of fanart in the future. 🙂

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