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Hack 2 Reveals “Real” Capitol Concerns Uncovered By The Rebels

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Hack 2 has been unlocked on the site, so you can now head over on your mobile device to log into the District 13 mainframe. The hack is the same as the first one, with the green line.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Go to on your mobile device.
  2. Log in with either Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Head to (do not open it ahead of time) and on your phone, enter the Session ID shown at the top right of the screen on your desktop. Leave the Capitol site open.
  4. Open the site with your fingerprint. TheCapitol.PN should now say “The Mockingjay Lives.” Leave it open.
  5. Tap “Hack 02” at the bottom.
  6. Read the instructions. Lock your phone in portrait mode (turn off rotation). Hit “Initiate.”
  7. Play the game, keeping the green line in the black area. Watch TheCapitol.PN for your progress. Once you finish, the following screen will appear on your desktop, revealing the “real” Capitol Concerns of the citizens of the Districts.

If you need photo instructions, see our post about Hack 1.


Click on the image to view the full size and read about what the Districts really think about the Capitol!

If you then head over to the desktop version of, you will see a screen with words from the rebels.

Our Districts burn, but we withstand the flames.

And we will fight even after our hearts stop beating.

The Capitol will feel our fury. And soon it will feel yours.


Find the green squares, there should be two. One is Cressida’s file:


The other will take you to a message about the truth about the Districts.


It will then take you to a “live” feed from District 7.



And one final message: Believe in the Mockingjay!


Thanks to for the tip on the desktop stuff!

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