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Lorde Tweets More Lyrics from her ‘Mockingjay’ Single “Yellow Flicker Beat”

Just today, singer/songwriter Lorde, who’s also functioning as curator for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 Soundtrack, took to her Twitter to give fans a sneak peek to the lyrics of a song she’s working on. This time she specified that it’s the second line of the song she tweeted about some weeks ago, and the timing of it makes it very likely that the song is indeed her single for the Mockingjay Soundtrack, titled “Yellow Flicker Beat.” The song will be officially released next Monday, September 29th.

If we put this together with her first sneak peek, what we know so far of the song lyrics is:

I’m a princess cut from marble,
smoother than a storm,
and the scars that mark my body,
they’re silver and gold.

Who do you think the song is about? We’ve heard many theories bouncing around today, that it could be about Katniss, or even Effie (the “marble” and “silver and gold” bits do sound very Capitol), but nothing’s been confirmed yet. Guess we’ll find out on Monday! But in the meantime, comment and tell us who you speculate it could be, and why.

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