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CapitolTV Update: President Snow Keeping Up Appearances


As we continue to plug away at the #UnlockMockingjay campaign, CapitolTV slipped in a new update, this time giving us a look at President Snow and his prep team.

Ever wonder how President Snow maintains his flawless look? Thanks to the unprecedented access granted to Capitol TV, we’re going inside President Snow’s private home to chat with the people that keep him looking sharp. We know from Snow’s autobiography that appearances are very important to him, like this excerpt, “The key to demonstrating your ability as a leader is to project a vision of what your country can be. It’s my goal to communicate to every single Panem citizen that we are a country of strength, honor, and above all else, peace.” From what we could see, the Capitol spares no expense in maintaining this vision.


The hair and makeup team, lead by Trivalda Enfario (pictured here), make sure every hair is in its place (literally). President Snow has a strict daily regimen consisting of a haircut, beard trimming, manicure, and teeth whitening. And take it from us, their efforts do not go unnoticed. Even looking at President Snow close-up, his perfection is almost astounding. In a room of even the most prestigious individuals in the Capitol, there’s no doubt who transcends them all.

“Keeping Up Appearances” is an interesting choice of words. What do you think, tributes? I personally think this Trivalda guy deserves an award for taming Snow’s Santa beard from The Hunger Games! 

a.k.a. "The OTHER crazy beard from that Hunger Games movie"
a.k.a. “The OTHER crazy beard from that Hunger Games movie”

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