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CapitolTV Update: ‘Peace’ At All Costs


The Capitol Ministry of Information has just released a new piece via CapitolTV profiling Panem’s Peacekeeper force, giving stats on average career length and giving us some insight on what these men and women of Panem must commit to when joining.

Panem: strong, unified, safe. Guided by the Capitol’s leadership, we have banded together to form a harmonious nation every citizen can be proud of. But our system, fervent as our values may be, is not perfect. It takes a gallant force to maintain order in our nation, a fleet of determined protectors to uphold our laws—our Peacekeepers.

But there are those who would threaten our safety, those who would see our way of life dismantled and destroyed. These criminals live among us and endanger our society from the inside, living as our friends, our neighbors, even among our families. Many will now wear a tawdry representation of a seemingly innocuous mockingjay bird, but be wary! The future they promise is fiction, a dangerous distraction from our goal; a peaceful Panem.


As if rumors from District 7 aren’t worrisome enough, the article goes on to give detail on the assault rifle the Peacekeepers use.


Peacekeepers are dominantly male at 87%, and 43% of the force comes from District 2.

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