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Hack 5 Available on Reveals Peeta Mellark


Hack 5 is now available on the mobile version of and this time the hack is different, requiring you to log in and match patterns showing on

2014-10-16 19.04.21

Follow the instruction outlined above before starting. You must keep the screen from up on your desktop to complete this.

2014-10-16 19.04.47

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a desktop shot, but a 3D shape will be rotating on your desktop screen similar to the shape on your phone. Keep watching and you’ll see green lights dashing into a particular pattern. Mirror that pattern on the dots on your phone.

2014-10-16 19.07.01

Once you’re done, your desktop screen will show a short looping video of Peeta. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be anything new, just footage from the trailer. However, on the left, it says “PEETA_TRANSMISSION_2.VDO” and UNAIRED is highlighted. We’ve tried adding this file ending to various Capitol sites, but have come up with nothing. If you know what to do, be sure to comment and let us know!

Update: Thanks to DWTC, we have a look at Peeta’s file. We’re still unable to get this to work ourselves.


Transcript of the file:

FOR PEETA MELLARK: The following document must be memorized for your upcoming televised appearance. You MUST maintain composure and appear calm. DO NOT deviate from the script.

00:01 Reserved for pleasantries, Caesar will lead.

3:05 Caesar will ask about the specifics of Beetee’s plan in the Quarter Quell. Discuss your state of mind and protecting Katniss.

5:45 Caesar will ask about Katniss and how she appeared to have “Sabotaged” the games.

6:05 INSIST she was following Beetee’s plan and had nothing to do with a rebellion. Deny the existence of a rebellion.

8:05 Caesar will ask your opinion on rumors of unrest in the district 5.

8:25 Remain cooperative and speak about the need for peace.

9:35 Caesar will ask, “You’re calling for a cease-fire?”

9:45 Respond with the following statement VERBATIM:

“I’m asking people to think. I’m asking everyone to stop the senseless violence. This isn’t the path to change or justice.”

10:25 Caesar will thank you for your time.
Sign off.

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