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RUMOR: Is This ‘Flashing Lights’ Cover Lorde’s Kanye West Rework ‘Flicker’?

Hot off the news of the Mockingjay soundtrack’s track listing, we saw a comment made on a music site putting out the idea that a song that Lorde has been performing on tour in the last couple of months is actually the “Kanye West Rework” song Flicker on the soundtrack.

The song appears to be a mixture of Kanye’s Flashing Lights and Lorde’s own song Bravado from her album Pure Heroine.

The wording “Kanye West Rework” has seemed odd since the tracklist hit the web, since if it was a cover, it’d say “Kanye West Cover” and if it was a remix of Yellow Flicker Beat like people think, wouldn’t it say “Kanye West Remix?” Since it’s technically not a complete cover of Flashing Lights and Lorde simply takes the song’s intro and uses it to segue into Bravado, it’s possible this bit of speculation is on to something.

What do you think, tributes?

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