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“Strength From Within”: Chroma Music Visits District 12

The most recent Return to District 12 preview was just one more example of how Jennifer Lawrence¬†can bring us to tears through emoting Katniss’ state of inner destruction. There is no District 12. And there is no pre-Hunger Games Katniss. There are only flames and rubble and a Mockingjay.

Chroma, who has produced brilliant music for spot-on campaigns with “The Hunger Games, Django Unchained, Transformers, The Hobbit, and many more” has released “Strength From Within,” the song that accompanies Katniss back to District 12. The anxious piano races like Katniss’ memories of her past, yet the melody takes a subtle unsettling turn that says, “something must be done,” and “there is no turning back.”

If you are a huge fan of film scores and emotional tones driven by music, listen to the music¬†and take a moment and put yourself in Katniss’ ash covered shoes. What does it make you feel?

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