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VIDEO: Lorde on Songs From The Mockingjay Soundtrack and Being On Set

Lorde sat down with Billboard to talk about curating the companion soundtrack to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, seeking artists and visiting the film set:

I first got involved in The Hunger Games soundtrack when they asked me to write the end credits song. And I was really interested in that because I love Katniss as a character I think she’s so complex. And I think it was my publisher who said, “Why don’t you let her curate it?” You know make it my kind of musical vision. Which of course I was super-interested in because I love getting to put my stamp on things. So they insanely said yes and here we are.

It was really important to me, with the soundtrack, that people knew how involved I was. And a lot of that was me reaching out to people really directly, having a conversation on the phone. Sending an email, sending a text because I wanted people to know that your song isn’t just gonna be flung in to some pot and chosen later. I really cared about what was happening. So I had some crazy experiences, like calling Grace Jones on the phone. She’s like “I’m in the spa, give me a second.” And I’m like, of course, you’re Grace Jones! Like, I’ll wait!

She’s got this amazing, super, legendary, fierce song. She’s my idol. Charlie XCX has written the most beautiful song for this soundtrack. It’s really different for her, I think. It showcases a side of her voice, a side of her songwriting that I think people haven’t really seen yet. Simon Le Bon is actually on that song with her. Which I think is beautiful, their voices work so well together. Miguel, actually, I’m a big, big Miguel fan, from way back. We always play him backstage, we love him. He actually presented me with my first Grammy which was amazing. We’re tied in history. He did this awesome collaboration with The Chemical Brothers. They’re both really in to each others’ work and they brought out something in each other that I think people haven’t heard before. So that’s really a cool, cool moment for the soundtrack.

We went to the set in Berlin, I had a show and The Hunger Games was shooting just across the road. A bunch of their people came over. Woody was at the show, being dragged away because it was time to shoot. We went to the set which was so amazing for me. I’ve never been to a film set before and just seeing that everything has a place and everything is just so perfectly timed and they call ‘Action’ and it’s just all on. It’s so magical. So it was really fun.

The companion soundtrack is available for pre-order now. You can listen to Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde, This Is Not A Game by The Chemical Brothers and Miguel and Dead Air by CHVRCHES now.

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