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356 Screenshots From #FinalMockingjayTrailer ‘Burn’


Crystal here with the latest Very Specific Amount of Screencaps PSA from the Jabberjays gallery. Take a look at 356 screencaps from the final trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, which gave us our first goosebump-inducing look at Katniss delivering her message to President Snow and officially made my little domain purchase finally officially worth every penny! (Seriously, we were starting to wonder if the line got cut!)

There are several scenes worth discussing, starting with this scene that looks like it’s from District 11.


What do you think has just happened here?

Next up we have Katniss in her “Mockingjay studio,” and you can see three people in the room in front of her, possibly Effie, Plutarch, and Beetee from L-R? Think those are simply fans or are those the smoke machines mentioned in the book?


Another shot of Katniss, this time from the front. I’m not sure why there’s a tunnel behind her, maybe this isn’t the studio after all?




Contrary to what I first thought, this evacuation shot is from the bottom looking up, not from the top looking down.


This part was peculiar, because if you look at the extras around Katniss as she begins to run out of the mess, they look like they’re cheering what’s on screen.


But then Exuberant Rebel Extra #13 puts his hand and finger down and they don’t look all that enthused anymore.


One last comment: Cressida sure looks bored.


Anyway, take a look at all the caps in our gallery and let us know if you spot anything!

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