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UPDATE: VIDEO: eTalk Chats to Mockingjay Part 1 Cast About Jennifer Lawrence

eTalk have released their first segment of their Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 special. This video focuses on the rise of Jennifer Lawrence to ‘America’s Sweetheart.’ At, we prefer ‘America’s Badass’ but we’ll take sweetheart. The video is only available in Canada and unfortunately cannot be embedded. But fear not, as this might as well be a preview. Running at 1:29 we’ve described and transcribed the new parts for those outside of Canada:

How has your life changed playing Katniss?

Jennifer: Well, I mean my personal life definitely took a hit. That was an adjustment.

The video describes how much of an understatement that is, now wherever Jennifer goes, the cameras go too. It then shows a snippet of eTalk asking her on the red carpet of the 83rd Academy Awards way back in 2011 what she was reading and her mom replies “The Hunger Games.” Oops, you can tell by Jen’s face that wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge! Followed by lots of clips of eTalk’s chats with Jennifer Lawrence over the past two junkets for The Hunger Games and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Jennifer: I just got really busy.

After mentioning her Oscar win for Silver Linings Playbook, Liam Hemsworth outlines how Jen has changed:

Liam: Jennifer used to be a nice person.
Jennifer: I’ve changed.
eTalk: Oscars will do that to somebody.

Followed by some comments from her co-stars and clips already seen in the trailers of Katniss and Gale in District 8:

Donald Sutherland: She’s just irresistable. She is. But she is perfect as an actor. She’s perfect.

eTalk: Why do you think the world loves her so much?
Elizabeth Banks: She’s very talented, so that helps, definitely. And she’s a really fun girl.

eTalk: So what can fans who are eager expect from this first installment?
Jennifer: This is kind of when the unrest and the rebellion is really starting to intensify.

If you’re a lucky Canadian, head on over to CTV to see the video for yourself!

UPDATE: Thanks to a tip from Sophie we now have the video above!

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