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VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth on German Show “Wetten, dass…?”

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth were guests on the German entertainment show “Wetten, dass…?” tonight. Josh Hutcherson was also scheduled to be there, but apparently he was feeling very sick so he couldn’t make it. I managed to catch most of the appearance on video, so here you have it for your enjoyment! Not the best quality but it’s still very watchable, so I hope you’ll give me an A for effort at least, since I may not be able to move my arms again after this. 😉

The twosome was very charming as usual, with Jennifer being her funny self (if the video shakes at parts, it’s because I couldn’t contain my laughter). Most of the show is in German but English-speakers should be able to get most of it from their responses. Some of the highlights:

  • Josh got sick first, and then Jen caught it from him (she kept asking everyone to wash their hands after they greeted her). There were a few jokes thrown around about how that could’ve happened, and why Liam wasn’t involved in whatever they were doing that got them both sick. Liam said he feels left out because he’s still healthy.
  • British band One Direction is also going to be guesting on the show (they’re singing as I type this), and the host asked Jen if she was a fan of the band. As an answer she said that one of her dogs is a huge fan of One Direction, and can sing along to their song “Story of my life.”
  • Liam’s mom is a teacher, so the host asked him if she had ever taught him. Liam responded that she taught him English and even had to teach his class Sex Education. He told a story of how one day they were having a lesson about sexually-transmitted diseases and she was handing out one disease per student so they’d write a report. Jen joked that Liam’s mom “gave him chlamydia.”
  • The way the show works is that an audience member is invited to the show and they bet that they can do something really difficult in a limited amount of time, and if they do, they win prizes. Jen and Liam had to chime in about whether the guest would be able to win the bet or not. That’s the part you can see where the man backflips on an increasing number of boxes (he couldn’t win the bet, in the end).
  • Liam and Jen were asked to decorate chocolate cakes (no, really). Liam drew a sparkly smiley face on him (for Jen, he said), while Jennifer drew a horse head that turned out looking more like a donkey, by her own admission. Then they each took a piece of the cake and gave it out to someone in the audience. Liam gave his to a little boy who didn’t seem to really get what was going on, but it was all really adorable!
  • There was also a little bit we couldn’t catch on video as they were already leaving, something about drinking and being hungover (whatever it was, Jen said she was “way worse”). Hopefully it will wind up online soon!

The video is in three parts: the first one you can watch above (it’s the longest, almost 20 minutes), with the second and third parts (much shorter) below. Don’t forget tell us what you thought of it! Did you have any favorite parts? Sound off in the comments.

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