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Highlights from Elizabeth Banks’ #GlamourMockingjay Twitter Q&A


Elizabeth Banks took over Glamour Magazine UK‘s Twitter this morning to answer questions fans could send in via the #GlamourMockingjay hashtag. The session was pretty quick, about half an hour, but she answered a lot of questions and even revealed some interesting tidbits about Effie in the upcoming Mockingjay movies. She even answered one of our questions! (Mad props to Jabberjay Jared for this one!).

Here are some of the highlights. Watch out for mild spoilers!

  • On her last day of filming Mockingjay she was “Super sad. I cried. I will miss Effie so much.”
  • About Effie’s emotional change in Mockingjay, she says: “She left her villainous behavior behind.”
  • If she had to describe District 13 in three words, it would be: “Barren. Grey. Accessories!” If she had to describe Effie in Mockingjay in one word, it’d be “Depressed.”
  • Between Peeta and Gale, she’d take “Gale – but can I have both?!?!”
  • She says Effie is not really committed to the rebellion, but it’s more that she just wants to help Katniss, Haymitch and co.
  • When asked how long did it take her to get ready to play Effie, she responded: “As long as it takes to build a snowman.” (This one made me laugh so much).
  • There’s a hint at the end of Mockingjay Part 2 about what happens to Effie! She said to “Wait for it!”
  • She didn’t miss the crazy Effie outfits while filming Mockingjay, but she did miss the wigs. She said her District 13 costume was “pretty good” in terms of comfort.
  • Working with Jennifer Lawrence is “like moon beams & starlight – amazing!” She also said Lenny Kravitz gives the best hugs out of the cast.
  • Her favorite Effie outfit was one she wore in Mockingjay Part 2. “It’s faux fur.” Her favorite scenes in all four movies are the Reaping and “One I can’t say yet.”
  • The best parts of playing Effie for her are: “The EBanks fans – love u guys! Working with a great cast!” and “The clothes! Making people laugh!” What she’s going to miss the most about playing Effie is “Working with Woody.”
  • Her kids saw her in her Effie costume, “And they DIDN’T CARE!”
  • If she could switch parts with anyone in the cast, she’d be “Katniss – she gets 2 bfs & kicks butt!”
  • The character she has most in common with is “Prim. Except I like dogs not cats.” Her favorite part of the last book is that “Katniss rescues Buttercup.”
  • Filming Mockingjay was “Much more grey & v.underground” than filming the previous movies.
  • The piece of wardrobe she liked the most from her District 13 look was the headscarf. She didn’t take any props from the set after filming finished.
  • Her favorite line from the first movie was “That is mahogany.” (Of course!). However, she says we won’t hear it in Mockingjay 1 or 2 because there’s “No mahogany in district 13.”
  • About Effie’s relationship with Haymitch and how it has changed: “We’ve grown closer!”
  • She’s not sure if we will see Finnick in his underwear in the movie.
  • If Effie got sent into the Hunger Games, “She would probably die.” If she wasn’t from the Capitol, Effie would live in “District 2 for sure.”
  • Elizabeth would definitely approve of a spin-off about Effie/Hayffie.

So charming as always! What do think of Elizabeth’s answers? Tell us in a comment.

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