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Antena 3 Recap of the ‘Mockingjay’ Madrid Premiere + Interview with Sam Claflin

Spanish television network Antena 3 has brought us a video recapping last night’s premiere for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 in Madrid.

For those who can’t understand Spanish, the fans are asked at the beginning which character they would choose as the Mockingjay, and their answers are as varied as you can imagine (from Peeta “because he can convince anyone to do anything,” to Annie “because she’s crazy and crazy people are the coolest,” to Haymitch “the blond drunk guy, because he survived the most horrible of all the Games”).

Sam Claflin was in attendance, and they did a short, but really sweet, interview with him. It’s subtitled in Spanish, so no language barrier there. Sam talks about how being a part of this franchise has changed his life for the better, allowed him to work with some of his acting heroes, and allowed him to meet many important people along the way. In describing this film, he says:

“They’re fighting for a better nation, you know? A better Panem. And it’s a continued fight and it doesn’t get quite get resolved at the end of this movie, but you know, we have another one to come, so it’s all very exciting. This is the first one where there’s no Hunger Games anymore, this is the real world. And so these are kids now playing real life. It’s a fun movie, it’s good.”

He once again mentions how grateful he is for all the fans and their support, and how being surrounded by legions of screaming fans still makes him feel a bit out of place (“I feel like I should be Jennifer Lawrence right now.”) He even tries his hand at speaking in Spanish a little bit, and it’s adorable.

You can watch the video above, and don’t forget to comment and tell us what you think! Are you excited to see Sam as Finnick in Mockingjay Part 1? We sure are!

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