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Re-Watch ‘Catching Fire’ with’s #RebelRewind HERE


Happy Friday, everyone! We’re now less than a week away from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 hitting theaters, and to celebrate, we’ve got our second #RebelRewind event starting at 8 PM EST — just a bit over an hour away now! Join the Jabberjays as we re-watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in preparation for the upcoming third part in the franchise.

Here’s how it works, make sure you are logged in to Twitter and then as you watch, comment along with us using the hashtag #RebelRewind. You can also tweet right from the widget below!

Tick tock, tributes. It’s almost time to start!

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Carla Pinilla is a 34-year-old Chemical Engineer from Panama city, Panama. A consummate fangirl, she spends her time reading, writing (mainly fanfiction), or watching way too many TV shows.

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