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Special Counsel Peeta Mellark: The Capitol’s Weapon?


A new still of Caesar Flickerman and Peeta Mellark has just gone up on Capitol TV, along with a propaganda piece that brings into question where Peeta Mellark’s loyalties lie.

Tributes. Heroes. Victors. The ascent of the ordinary district citizen to the honored role of victor is a time-honored tradition of Panem, woven tightly into our culture for more than seven decades. For a region as devoid of living victors as District 12, however, its hopes for glory seemed to be fading, topped off by the loss of Katniss Everdeen in last year’s Quarter Quell. But where others have failed, Peeta Mellark saw only the chance to prove his loyalty to the Capitol and the people of the districts it protects. Capitol TV is proud to present the new Peeta to Panem, as Special Counsel to President Snow.

Following his second time in the arena, Mellark had a choice to make: return to the Victor’s Village in District 12 and live happily among his fellow citizens, or use his reinforced celebrity to better the lives of every citizen of Panem. As a tribute, two-time victor, and district citizen, Mellark holds a unique perspective on the goings-on and policy of Panem society. As the final front of the One Panem initiative, Mellark is the ultimate liaison from the voices of the districts straight to the ear of President Snow.

It’s interesting to note that they refer to Peeta as a “two-time victor,” which would lead one to assume that the Capitol actually declared Peeta to be the victor of the Third Quarter Quell, something that I’m sure a lot of us wondered about in the book.

It also sounds as if, as we suspected, that the Capitol completely covers up what happened to District 12, as they reference that Peeta had the option to return to District 12 to live happily among his fellow citizens.

In addition, check out this great edit that was posted to official social media channels today:

Standing by the Capitol’s side, or waiting to join the rebellion? #Mockingjay

Ein von The Hunger Games (@thehungergames) gepostetes Foto on

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