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VIDEO: Fan Film “Finnick Odair – A Hunger Games Story”

 You asked yourself how Finnick Odair became the youngest victor in the history of Panem ever?

This fan movie will may give you the ultimate answer.

Creative head Joshua Chislett created with his friends a truly amazing fan video about the capitol’s most beloved victor, sponsored by fans through an Indiegogo campaign with $1200. While watching it you will forget this a FAN film – with professional light, camera, effects and cinematography you will find yourself again in the arena of the 65th Hunger Games fighting until death!

Don’t believe me? Go watch it!

About Vivien

Vivien is a german author for . When she isn't drawing, sewing her cosplays oder fangirling about The Hunger Games and Marvel Comics, she is studying human medicine. Together with her lovely fat fluffy hamster she sometimes get the wildest adventures.

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