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VIDEO: Full ‘Mockingjay’ Part 1 New York City Press Conference

If you’re following us on Twitter, you probably saw that yesterday we were retweeting fans’ pictures from a Fan Event held in New York City. That event will be part of the #AskMockingjay Global Fan day and the official video of it will be released on Facebook this Monday, but after that was over, a press-only conference was held with the cast.

Beyond The Trailer has already released the full video from it, and as always when the entire cast is together, it was a really smart, entertaining and hilarious interview. (Or, in Jennifer Lawrence’s words: “This is the best press conference ever!”). You can watch it above, but in case you don’t want to spend the next 47 and a half minutes on this task (but you really, really should!), here are some of the highlights:

  • Josh relates his account of finding out that one of his “mommys” was going to be in Mockingjay (Julianne Moore, who played one of his mothers in The Kids Are All Right).
  • Sam compares Finnick to Marilyn Monroe… and then realizes how that sounds.
  • When asked about the lesser amount of action in this film (apparently Katniss only shoots one arrow in the whole movie), Jennifer explains that she didn’t bring down a hovercraft with “just one arrow”: “It was an explosive arrow!”
  • Jennifer’s take on how Katniss feels stuck in the middle of two opposing political extremes: “War is complicated.” Also, it was amazing to hear Julianne and Donald’s take on the politics behind this series.
  • Liam and Jennifer hilariously pointed out some of Liam’s random jobs before he was an actor.
  • Nina and the cast said they were disappointed they couldn’t meet their Chinese fans, and explained that they didn’t know the reason why the event was cancelled.
  • Liam talked about his injury in Berlin: “Ah, it was just a hairline fracture.” And Josh mentions Mahershala hit him in the head once.
  • The trio talks about the end of filming and Josh joked that Jennifer sounded like she was about to announce “Hunger Games 5, 6 and 7.”
  • When asked what they want people to say about The Hunger Games in 10 years, Josh said: “Best franchise in the history of the world,” while Jen threw in: “Still rich.”
  • Jennifer’s reaction when Natalie was about to get her head shaved: “DUDE, are you SURE???”
  • When Josh and Jen were asked about Peeta and Katniss’ emotional scenes in this movie: “The tears were real.”
  • Francis said the editors put together a reel of every moment “action” was called, and it shows how everybody immediately snaps from joking around to being serious and in-character. (Please please PLEASE let this be on the DVD?).
  • For Jennifer, her hardest scene to film was singing (as we already figured), and her best scene to film was a scene in a meadow (“I got a good selfie of me peeing in it!”). Then she changed her mind and said her hardest scene to film was watching Josh on the monitors over and over and over again (“I can’t watch my baby in pain this much!”).

All in all, it’s really a must-watch interview. Many thanks to our reader Paige, who sent us a different link for it as well. There’s so many versions of it! But that’s okay because we could watch it several times over and still love it. We’re so lucky to have such an amazing cast! What was the best part of this for you? Any favorite moments? Tell us in a comment below.

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