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Elizabeth Banks Confirms A Slew of “Effie-isms” In Mockingjay

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Elizabeth Banks talks with MTV News about new “Effie-isms” to look forward to. The Hunger Games and Catching Fire left us shouting, “That is mahogany!” and “Oooh, curtains!” Elizabeth’s brilliant moments of comedic inspiration give us the most real and raw Effie at her very best.

When asked if any of her improv lines made the final Mockingjay cut, Elizabeth responds, “Quite a lot actually did. I’m really happy.” Likewise, so are the fans, and this time around we have several quotes to look forward to. “The jump suits line made it in–[and] the democracy line I made up, which was pretty fun. ‘Everything old is new again,’ I made that up.” Elizabeth says.

But when asked if she was able to bring back the classic “mahogany” joke for a third go-around, Elizabeth says, “There’s no freaking mahogany in District 13. I probably should have just said that like, ‘Why isn’t this mahogany?’ but it didn’t work out. There was nothing to even point to. There was nothing that even looks like wood down there.”

Mockingjay Part 1 will have many intense moments, but it’s comforting knowing, when we all are sitting in our movie chairs clenching our arm rests or the arm of our neighbor, we will have several laugh-out-loud moments to look forward to.

Watch the entire Elizabeth Banks clip below, and be sure to let us know if you are excited to have a slew of new quotes, ripe for the picking, this Mockingjay opening weekend!

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