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Highlights of Natalie Dormer’s #AskMockingjay Reddit AMA


Natalie Dormer, our Cressida, did a Reddit AMA today as part of the #AskMockingjay Global Event, where she answered fan questions from the many different fandoms she’s involved with.

Here at Jabberjays we were lucky enough to get not one, not two, but three of our questions answered by Natalie– including one of mine! (brb freaking out forever)– which you can see in the screen grabs below. She had a lot of insight re: our seemingly out-of-the-blue questions, we were very pleasantly surprised!

Also in case you missed it, we bring you a small summary of the most important Mockingjay-related answers, as well as anything we found funny or interesting. Don’t forget to comment and tell us what your favorite answer/comment was! Here’s what she had to say:




  • How are you liking the role of Cressida and is it at all similar to your role as Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones? I loved how physical the role was for playing Cressida, and that she’s all about her job. It was fun to play someone who works the other side of the camera. Like Cressida’s out there in the field, whereas everything Margaery does is sitting around behind closed doors. They’re both very PR-savvy, that’s what they have in common, they both know how to manipulate hearts & minds. So there’s a trend, a theme there between the two of them.
  • If you had to switch lives with either Margaery Tyrell from Game of Thrones or Cressida from The Hunger Games, who would you choose and why? Cressida, definitely. Because I love the concept of her job. And I’m a big Lee Miller fan, as in the American photographer, and for me, she’s like a dystopian Lee Miller.
  • Quite a lot of these franchises have very enthusiastic fanbases; have you ever felt overwhelmed by how eager/enthusiastic fans are of certain shows or films you’ve been in? No, I just get infected by it. I’m a very lucky gal.
  • With the show being closely based but not identical to the books do you or other cast members read the books to prepare for your characters and if so, how has that influenced your work? For Game of Thrones, I haven’t read the books, because she’s not a POV character, so I was advised by Dan & David that it might not help me. And I just love watching the show as a fan, and not knowing what’s going to happen. In contrast, I did read all the Hunger Games books, and thought they were amazing.
  • Do you get identified on the street more as Anne Boleyn or Margery Tyrell these days? Uh, it’s probably 60/40, more as Margaery. Or 10% Moriarty. But that’s going to chance, Cressida’s going to be taking over.
  • What were your initial thoughts about Cressida? Did you know exactly what you wanted to do with the character? Yeah, I had a pretty strong instinct about her? Which I think is why it only took one audition tape to get the job.
  • More women are rocking the Cressida undercut now. Are you aware of the trend and the new level of spunk you’ve set for us? Yes, I am aware of the trend! And it’s kind of cool I’m a part of it completely by accident!!
  • What’s the biggest stunt you’ve ever had to do yourself? I had to do an underwater crash once, which is how i learned to scuba-dive. The stunts in MOCKINGJAY 2 were pretty hard – there was water involved there, but i’m not allowed to tell you! wink
  • If you could play any other character in The Hunger Games franchise, who would you choose and why? Boggs. As a female Boggs. I think it’s a really cool character, and I’m a little bit in love with Mahershala Ali.
  • Which character have you enjoyed acting as from all the dramas you’ve been in and which one do you think is most like you? Um… they’re all different sides of my personality. That sounds like a get-out answer, but it’s true! I’m not as brave as half of them, probably. And I’m definitely not as manipulative as Margaery. I probably have the same work ethos that Cressida does. Hahaha! This is my laughing, because Mo riarty’s a psychopath, pure and simple, so I hope i”m not like her at all, but I do love playing her, very much. And i love the weird dependency she has on interacting with Sherlock.
  • You have been quoted saying that Jennifer Lawrence is everything that she portrays herself to be. Very down to earth and personable. What was it like working with her? (I’m laughing, everything you would expect it to be) She’s a cool chick.
  • How reluctant were you to shave part of your head for the hunger games? It was a small price to pay to join the Hunger Games family. Hair grows back!
  • What’s the funniest thing Jennifer Lawrence has ever said to you? “Dude, are you SURE?!” when I was about to shave my head. It’s actually only funny in hindsight. Hahaha!
  • Have you kept any memorabilias from mockingjay or Game of Thrones sets? Besides the haircut?!… yea, I kept the back of my cast chair from MOCKINGJAY. And I’m still shooting Game of Thrones, so no!
  • Whats your favorite kind of cheese? I’m cheese-crazy. It’s my big dairy weakness. Manchego! I love feta! I love goat cheese! I love mature chedda! I also love Wensleydale, I have no idea how you spell Wensleydale, especially with cranberries in it, it’s the perfect cheese for Christmas. The only thing i can’t do is blue. I can’t do blue cheese. It just doesn’t work with me. It’s not even so much the smell, I just can’t do it, you know? Maybe as a bit of a salad, but… hahaha. I mean, very rare circumstances! Brie, I love brie, melted brie. Burrata! God I love a Burrata. I literally could talk about cheese for 10 minutes. You found my achilles heel, reddit!
  • How are you today? I’m good, I’m getting ready for a really long day of press with the grand finale of the MOCKINGJAY premiere here in LA, tonight.
  • What do you think about Jena Malone and how was it to work with her? Unfortunately I didn’t really get to spend much time with Jena. But I think she’s a really interesting, cool woman. And would love to see her band live sometime. She’s got a band.
  • If Katniss or Cressida were to fight any character on Game of Thrones, who would you put them up against? Well… hm… there’s a whole new bad government that’s going to come in on season 5 of GoT that’s going to need overthrowing, in King’s Landing. So that’s what’s interesting – now Joffrey’s gone… wait, I suppose Ramsay needs to be dealt with. Ramsay needs to be dealt with! So we could take him on. Interesting coincidence that his name is Snow.

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