Breaking News at the Mockingjay Montreal Premiere

Willow Montreal 1
Willow Shields on the red carpet. Picture by Phil Barrett Turner.

It all started when I contacted Les Films Séville to know if I could attend the Mockingjay Part 1 Montreal premiere for I had in mind maybe a ticket or two, and my book signed by Willow Shields. I knew there was a chance I could get to interview her, but never did I think I would live such a great experience!

I met a really nice reporter, Véronique Lauzon from French Canadian newspaper La Presse, and she offered me the chance to interview Willow with her on the red carpet!

Intro Interview
President Snow was keeping an eye on us while talking about! 😉 Screen capture from

The 14-year-old actress was really sweet, genuinely answering my questions and seemingly at ease in front of all the cameras and microphones. I talked to her about the effect of the series on teenagers, and about whether or not she thought the movie would please fans of the books. I really liked how enthusiastic she was about the film!

I did get my book signed in the end!

Right before the movie started, a guy from Virgin Radio Montreal got to ask her a few questions in front of the audience, and Willow said she thought Montreal was gorgeous, and that she was already planning to come back! She even tasted poutine, one of Canada’s famous dishes.

If you haven’t already, head over here to watch the interview! You can see a bunch of other pictures, including lots of BTS pictures and two videos during the interview and more from the premiere on my Tumblr blog. I will also be posting my Mockingjay Part 1 review soon!

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