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Box Office Update: ‘Mockingjay’ Part 1 Fully Dominates in Overseas Markets


The international box office has always been one of the greatest strengths of the Hunger Games franchise, and with each new movie released, Lionsgate looks to strengthen their international numbers. To that purpose, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 opened this weekend in 85 international markets (making it the biggest wide-release of the year, and Lionsgate’s biggest release ever), and the studio reported this morning that the film was tracking 5% over Catching Fire‘s earnings in the same period last year.

Now the totals from the first two nights (Wednesday and Thursday) in international markets have hit the web, and they look impressive. Deadline reports that the estimated international total is now above $33M, with the film hitting the No. 1 spot in pretty much every market except Korea.

The highest international gross happened in the United Kingdom, with $3.6M in a Thursday opening, which is a staggering 12% higher than Catching Fire did last year. This is very significant, as the UK was also the biggest non-US market for Catching Fire. Other top grossers were:

  • Germany: $2.9M since Thursday opening, up 11% from last year
  • France: $3M since Thursday opening, 10% higher than last year
  • Belgium: Already the No. 1 opening of 2014, 5% above last year’s earnings
  • Russia: $2.7M, making it the biggest 2D opening of 2014 and an amazing 28% over last year’s numbers, with 40% of the market share
  • Australia: $2.4M, making it the biggest opening day of 2014
  • Italy: $877K, and 8% above last year’s totals

In a singular case, Mockingjay Part 1 did not take the top spot for the weekend in Korea, where Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar held strong. However, it should be mentioned that Mockingjay‘s numbers were up a mind-blowing 41% from Catching Fire‘s in the same period.

UPDATE: The official Mexican Twitter account for The Hunger Games has also confirmed that the film broke the 2014 opening day box office record in that country, with over 745 thousand people making their way to watch it in theaters today and topping films such as Amazing Spider-Man 2, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Annabelle and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Considering the numbers for Thursday night earnings in the United States were lower than expected, this massive success in the international box office is highly encouraging. Let’s hope this trend of fantastic overseas performance continues!

International readers, have you already been to see the movie? Will you watch it more than once this weekend? Tell us in a comment.

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