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VIDEO: Francis Lawrence Discusses Set Designs and Peeta and Katniss Scenes

Vanity Fair has released a new interview with the director of the Mockingjay films, Francis Lawrence. The video includes some interesting details about the set designs of District 13 and the hovercrafts, as well as shooting scenes between Peeta and Katniss.

“Before the shoot, we had Josh come in […] and we just shot quickly over the course of a couple hours the three interviews that Josh does as Peeta, as we see him deteriorate through the movie,” Francis said. “We had the editors cut that together so we could play the test footage for Jen and Liam during the scene; so we actually had sound and had picture and she could see Josh.”

Does hearing this give you more insight into how the film was made? It’s always fun to hear these behind-the-scene tidbits after the films are released.

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