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Happy April Fools Day! Here Are Some of Best Hunger Games Jokes and Memes

Via zipmeme
Via zipmeme

Happy April Fools day, everyone! ūüėÄ

This year we decided not to give the entire fandom a heart attack¬†and rather stay on the funny side of the holiday (if you haven’t read the¬†latest¬†Cressida and Gale news stories, be sure to check them out!). Because The Hunger Games may be a very dramatic story dealing with some very serious themes, but the fandom is a whole different thing–¬†and the Hunger Games fandom is populated with some incredibly clever and funny people!

To close out this day and celebrate the ingenuity of our beloved fandom, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Hunger Games jokes and memes. And we’ll start with the ever-popular…


Bread Jokes

Because Peeta is the best thing since sliced bread. (I’m sorry. I’m so sorry).

  • I don’t love bread, I loaf it.
  • If Peeta were a ginger, would he be called the gingerbread man?
  • I bread your pardon?!
  • I want you to want me, I need you to knead me.
  • “We found bread in a toastless place.”
  • May the loaves be ever in your favor!
  • What’s Peeta’s favorite footwear? Loafers.
Via Buzzfeed
Via Buzzfeed

Knock on Wood

It’s only the most quotable line in the entire movie series!

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Be careful with your furniture, people.

Via Buzzfeed
Via Buzzfeed

So This Actually Happened

Because this franchise is taking over real life by now!

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It’s a puntastic world…


Life Lessons/Pick-up Lines

Apply these in your daily life for guaranteed success!¬†…ish.

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  • Is your name Katniss? Because you’re starting an uprising in my district.
  • Is your name Peeta? ‘Cause your buns look delicious.
  • What are the odds of me being in your favor?
  • Girl, you’re on fire!
  • If I was a Gamemaker I would give you a 12.
  • Is that a cannon in the distance or is it my heart beating for you?
  • If Katniss can survive multiple tracker jacker stings, you can endure 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Musically Inclined

There are so many songs out there that reminds us of The Hunger Games.

  • President Snow’s song is “Let it Snow.” ‘Nuff said.
  • Peeta jams to “I’m Sexy and I Know It”:¬†When I walk out of the shop / This is what I see¬†/¬†Katniss Everdeen is staring at me¬†/¬†I’ve got a loaf in my hand¬†/¬†And I ain’t afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it! / I’m Peeta and I know it…
  • Katniss’ squirrels bring all the boys to the Hob.
  • Who let the dogs out? Seneca did.
  • “We found love in a hopeless cave.”
  • This is totally how that song goes:¬†I blow supplies up in the air sometimes /¬†Saying AAAAAAYO /¬†Take that Cato!

 The Crossovers

Because we can find Hunger Games parallels just about anywhere.

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  • Why is Effie’s hair so big? Because it’s full of secrets.
  • “Life is like a loaf of bread, Peeta, you never know which district it‚Äôll be from.”
  • Two words: Peeta Pan. (It’s even funnier if you know that “Pan” means bread in Spanish).
  • “Peeta,¬†knead me like one of your French breads!”
  • “I liked her since I was five and got in a game where I had to kill her. So, kids, that’s how I met your mother.”
Via laughtergames at Tumblr
Via laughtergames at Tumblr

Miscellaneous Silliness

Here at Jabberjays we happen to like dark humor, because we have to¬†laugh so we don’t cry.

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  • Where’s Finnick? O-DAIR he is!
  • What does RIP stand for? “Rue is perfect.”
  • What’s Finnick’s favorite game? Truth Odair.
  • Imagine when Peeta’s children ask him about Santa Claus. “Dad, real or not real?!?!”
  • Normal couples arguing over silly things:¬†“You hang up the phone.” /¬†“No, you!” Meanwhile, Peeta and Katniss:¬†“You kill me!” /¬†“No, you kill me!”
  • You think friend-zoned is bad? Try cousin-zoned.

Do you have any other THG-related jokes, puns or memes that we didn’t include on this list? Be sure to share them in a comment!

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