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Francis Lawrence on Mockingjay Part 2 Editing, Trailer, Comic Con and More!

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 director Francis Lawrence is in Las Vegas for CinemaCon (where he was recently awarded the Director of the Year award– congratulations to him on this honor!), and he sat down with Frosty Weintraub from Collider to talk about the movie and what we can expect to see from it in the future.

They touched upon some interesting points, such as:

  • The first cut of the movie was 2 hours and 50 minutes long. The main cut is basically done now; by now they’ve reduced it to 2 hours and 7 minutes without credits, but there’s not a lot of deleted scenes, mostly just trimming. He thinks, if all stays on track, the movie should be “done done” in early September.
  • He confirms that the only scene left to add is the epilogue, which they plan on filming in late May. He also reveals that the reason they had to move filming of the epilogue until the following year was because they were aiming for a “spring” setting, and winter in Atlanta just didn’t afford them much greenery. It’s just one scene, and only a few minutes long.
  • He can’t confirm it for sure, but he thinks the film will have a presence at San Diego Comic Con this year. (Yay! We’ll let you know in the future if/when we’ll be covering it). He doesn’t know which of the actors will go, but he believes Lionsgate is planning for a panel.
  • He also will be at the Hunger Games Exhibition in New York City when it opens. Again, he has no idea of who else of the cast will be attending, but he knows he’ll be there. He’s seen the plans and thinks it’s “really, really cool.”
  • He states that he doesn’t know when a trailer will come out and that people shouldn’t expect it so soon after the previous movie was released. He says Tim Palen (Head of Marketing at Lionsgate) has a lot of great things planned for the movie but urges fans to exercise patience! So there it is: stop harassing the poor man on Twitter, guys.

Apart from these topics, he talks a little about the process of filming and whether or not things change from his initial vision to the final product, as well as a few comments about his upcoming project with Lionsgate and Color Force, The Odyssey.

You can watch the full interview on the video above. They cover a lot of topics in just five or so minutes! What do you think about everything Francis had to say? Sound off in the comments.

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