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First Look at Hunger Games Exhibition


Most of our heads are still spinning due to the after-shock of Mockinjay Part II’s trailer release, so if you need something unwavering to focus on, check out this incredible display of Katniss’ most iconic wardrobe pieces, which will be featured in The Hunger Games Exhibition in New York City (opening July 1st).

The exhibition areas include District 12, Tribute Train, The Capitol, Making the Games, District 13, Katniss’ Journey and Fan Gallery (where our very own Jabberjay, Cory, will have his phenomenal depiction of Katniss on display).

Which display would you be most excited to see? Also – just curious- if you could borrow one of these costumes to wear to the Mockingjay Part II premier, which one would you wear? Let us know below!
(I’d totally flex out in Katniss’ original D12 outfit.)

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