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VIDEO: Josh Hutcherson Talks to Josh Horowitz About Joshifer, Sequels and Francis Lawrence Crying

MTV’s Josh Horowitz caught up with Josh Hutcherson at San Diego Comic-Con to find out if he believed it was the end of ‘Joshifer’ and considering he’s not contractually obliged to work with her anymore, the opportunity to let rip about Jennifer Lawrence. Josh also talked about, surprisingly, director Francis Lawrence being the biggest crier on the last day of shooting, his own emotion of the end of an era and had some wise thoughts on the possibility of extending the story cinematically with prequels, spin-offs or sequels:

Josh Horowitz: We talked about the end of this franchise and Suzanne clearly has told Katniss’ story. Do you think they should/would extend this to another time period, different character, what’s your vote on this?

Josh Hutcherson: I would vote yes selfishly because I want to make more movies with these people. There’s definitely a chance that if they did something else that we wouldn’t even be in it, so that would be a bummer and probably pretty torturous actually. For the sake of the stories and the book, I don’t know. It’s a tough decision and it’d have to be something that Suzanne really wanted to do. That she really, clearly had this other part of the story that she wanted to tell. I don’t think it should be influenced by corporate greed or by any kind of… that sort of thing.

Horowitz: Suzanne won’t let that happen, right?

Hutcherson: I don’t think so either

Make sure to check out Jennifer’s views on the end of Joshifer and her unfiltered views of Josh Hutcherson in her interview with Josh Horowitz here.

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