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VIDEOS: Clevver News San Diego Comic Con Interviews with Jennifer, Josh, Willow and Francis

The interviews from San Diego Comic Con just keep on coming! And I am definitely not complaining 🙂 These are from Clevver News, who caught up with Jennifer, Josh, Willow and Francis in the press area following their Hall H panel:

The title says it all! Although this clip covers the cast discussing traits their best friend would need, the conversation takes a hilarious turn when Jen reveals that you would “have to be okay with nudity”.

Skip the first few seconds as it’s a repeat of the above, however stay for the ever-endearing Josh, who is NOT Tinder verified.

In this clip Willow talks about the franchise family and the traits required to join her “BFF Squad”.

The last clip sees Francis get the serious questions, including whether he would change the ending if he could and further probing on the idea of a prequel or sequel.

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