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650+ PHOTOS of The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square


Last month, I (Carla) had the opportunity to visit The Hunger Games: The Exhibition at Discovery Times Square in New York City. Being the crazy fangirl that I am, I went a little trigger-happy with my camera and took a ton of photos… and by “a ton” I mean I pretty much took photos of every prop, every diagram, every sign. Seriously: Every. Single. One.

If you haven’t yet read Jabberjay Grant’s review of the Exhibition, be sure to do that to get the gist of the experience, but on my part, I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend it to anyone who loves learning about the behind-the-scenes in film, as well as all true Hunger Games fans. However, if it’s not possible for you to make it to New York or if you don’t anticipate the Exhibition stopping at a city near you in the future, don’t worry! Just head on over to’s Image Gallery where you can now find 650+ photos of the Exhibition. It’s the next best thing to being there in person!

Here are just a few of my favorite photos I took there, including a shot of our very own Jabberjay Cory’s art, which is on display in the fan section of the Exhibition. Sorry if there’s some blurriness, random light reflections or weird angles– I’m hardly a professional, I’m very short, and the lighting there wasn’t really conducive to good photography. Still, I tried my best to get good pictures, so I hope you like them. Remember to check out the rest of them (OVER 650 PHOTOS!) at our Image Gallery!

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Carla Pinilla is a 34-year-old Chemical Engineer from Panama city, Panama. A consummate fangirl, she spends her time reading, writing (mainly fanfiction), or watching way too many TV shows.

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