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UPDATE: New Stills of Peeta, Effie, Gale and Katniss From Mockingjay Part 2

Peeta capitol voting

Stills are currently cropping up on Twitter of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and we have no idea where from! These new pictures show Gale and Katniss having a chat before storming the Capitol and Effie back to her usual sense of style after her deplorable state in District 13. There is also an intriguing still of Peeta; if I were a betting woman, I’d vote yes that Peeta is in the same room as the previously released stills of Coin, Haymitch and Beetee.

We’ll update when we find a source for all these magically appearing stills! Thanks to @TuKatniss for the heads up!

Update: Allegedly the new stills have come courtesy of Kellogg’s Krave.

Update #2: Thanks to @JenniferUpdates we now have a higher resolution of Gale and Katniss!

gale and katniss

If anyone gets an exclusive still by entering Krave’s giveaway please do let us know at!

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