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Update: Magazine Still Shows Peeta Mellark in Hospital

This is a SPOILER warning to tributes that have been resisting looking at potentially spoilery things in TV spots and the like.

While other stills released this past week for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 have been pretty spoiler-free, this one is definitely anything but (which is why we featured an old Mockingjay Part 1 image)

We’re not sure what the source of the image is, as you can’t see the magazine’s title anywhere,  the image very nearly confirms something that we’ve suspected for a very long time: that Prim takes the place of Delly Cartwright in helping to bring Peeta back.

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If you have information on where this still is from, please let us know.

UPDATE: The still is from J-14 Magazine. The article includes new quotes from Willow Shields about the film, her hair braid and how Jennifer Lawrence misbehaved during their sister portrait session:

She’d make me laugh when we’re supposed to be representing dark things.

Thanks to Panem Propoganda we have scans of the article!

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