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Stanley Tucci on Colbert’s Caesar Impersonation: “You’re More of an Effie Trinket”

You might remember that a few weeks ago, Stephen Colbert did a Hunger Games parody sketch, the “Hungry for Power” Games, joking about the current US presidential campaign while dressed as a Caesar Flickerman lookalike (whom, for legal reasons, he’s calling “Julius Flickerman”). On last night’s episode of The Late Show, he revisited the role on a sequel segment (“The Hungry for Power Games: Chafee-ng Fire”), where he bid farewell to two candidates from the Democratic Party who recently dropped out of the race.

Colbert was hilarious as always, but the best part of the segment was when, out of the blue, Stanley Tucci made an appearance at the studio. He states he was just walking down Broadway when his “Tucci sense started tingling,” and he just had to go in and give Colbert some constructive criticism on┬áhis performance. (He totally wasn’t there to promote his upcoming movie Spotlight, premiering November 6th. No, really).

In the end, Stanley suggests that maybe with his bubbliness, Stephen would be better suited to play Effie– ac-hem, Julius Trinket, which Colbert jumps into with gusto.

You can watch the video above, and I highly recommend it because, personally, I thought it was even funnier than Colbert’s first go at our franchise. I was in stitches by the time he pulled out the Effie wig. So be sure to give it a shot, and tell us in a comment what you thought of it!

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